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The Archinauts: the debut album of Isproject!

Produced by Fabio Zuffanti, played by Z-Band musicians and released by AMS Records, the visionary concept album of this young italian band is an outstanding work of contemporary prog-rock 
The Archinauts: the debut album of Isproject!

The Archinauts   
7 tracks | 50.03 minutes  
AMS Records/BTF   


«Our way of doing rock is "progressive" because we don't label our music, we don't belong to any genre but we try to encompass every kind of music. Rock, pop, classical, jazz, blues: all these genres converge in our way of expressing ourselves. For us "Progressive" is a whole of sounds connected to our emotions». Ivan Santovito and Ilenia Salvemini are sure about the soul of Isproject, the duo they founded in 2013: at last the italian guys (Ivan born in 1991, Ilenia in 1993) has newly released their debut album The Archinauts (AMS Records/BTF). Seven well crafted tracks of contemporary italian progressive rock featuring the enthusiasm and passion of Ivan and Ilenia.

The Archinauts has been produced by Fabio Zuffanti, one of the most important italian prog-rock musician ever, and played by the Z-Band (Giovanni Pastorino, Simone Amodeo, Paolo TixiMartin Grice) with Andrea Bottaro: «Our young approach to progressive, our liveliness, our will to making things and our resourcefulness struck Fabio, who has appreciated our desire to play music. Fabio has been our talent scout, has produced The Archinauts, has conducted the musicians in studio, helping us with a lot of ideas and arrangements. His work has increased our music». 

The Archinauts is a visionary out-of-the-schemes work, of a whimsical and dreamlike nature. In addition, the album is in the form of a concept that also embraces poetry, photography and architecture; everything is taken care of in any detail, and trailers, videoclips, artwork, and photographs accompanying the music are meant to tell it in every of its aspects. This is very important, since Ivan and Ilenia are very young: «We're all Archinauts. We interplay with the world and the human beings but often we don't appreciated it enough, losing our humanity. The Archinauts tells something about fear and apprehensions of our times, we try to tell a story about us, giving a meaning to life». 

The Archinauts summarizes the ways of modern progressive without forgetting the lessons of the great rock bands of the golden age. Isproject plays a sophisticated symphonic-rock that melts different vibes with melody, energy, passion and technical skill. Isproject deeply loves every kind of music and The Archinauts resonates all the landmarks of Ivan and Ilenia, from progressive to classical music: «The list of our landmarks is very long, we listen from classical music to celtic, and we love Anathema, Steven Wilson and Muse. Concerning vocals, our favourite bands are Epica, Within Temptation and KamelotContemporary new progressive is full of great young band, especially in Italy: we like our friends Unreal City, Diraxy and Dropshard. Classical music has been very important and educational for us: Ivan has grown up with musical instruments and vinyls, Ilenia with russian ballets and Chopin sonatas». 

The Archinauts - tracklist:

1. Ouverture
2. The Architect
3. Mangialuce
a.He Is Here
b.Progressive Shadows
c.Without the Face
4. The City and the Sky
5. Lovers in the Dream
6. The Mountain of Hope
7. Between the Light and the Stone
  c.Erase the Ancient World


Ivan Santovito - Vocals, keyboards 
Ilenia Salvemini - Vocals

Giovanni Pastorino - Keyboards & programming 
Simone Amodeo - Guitars 
Andrea Bottaro - Bass guitar 
Paolo Tixi - Drums 

Special Guest: 
Martin Grice - Flutes & saxophones



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AMS Records

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